6 Tips for Winterizing Your Car

However difficult it might be to believe, it’s already November! That means winter driving conditions will soon be upon us. If you haven’t done it already, there is still time to make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us this year. Winter driving can be challenging. Here are a few safety tips to help reduce some of that stress:

Check your battery. Before it gets too cold outside, consider having a mechanic inspect your battery to make sure it is strong enough for the winter. This is important because your car’s battery can be severely weakened by the cold. Aside from the battery itself, your mechanic should also check the charging system, cables, terminals, fluid and belts.

Keep your engine oiled up. As the seasons and temperatures change, the temperature inside your car’s engine also changes. Accordingly, your engine requires different types of oil to account for these changes. During the winter months, because of the cold temperatures, thinner oil is better for your engine. Consult your owner’s manual for exact details.

Watch that gas tank. Be sure to keep your gas levels above half a tank. This is important for two reasons. One reason is that it will prevent your fuel line from freezing. The other is that, in the event you find yourself stranded for an extended length of time, you will be able to keep yourself warm by running the engine.

Make sure your tires are ready to go. Getting your tires checked before the winter weather hits is very important. If you have seasonal tires on your car, they will have to be switched to the heavier winter tires. Naturally, the benefit of having all-season tires is that they will not need to be changed if they are in good condition.

Protect your windshield. Keeping your windshield clear for safe driving requires paying close attention to a few simple details. Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition and work efficiently. Also, be sure not to neglect the wipers on the rear windshield. When it comes to windshield wiper fluid, choose one with an antifreeze solution.

Store an emergency kit in your car. Keeping basic safety supplies in the trunk of your car is sure to come in handy in case you find yourself stuck our stranded in the winter cold. Here are some valuable items to include in your car’s emergency kit:

  • Flashlight
  • Flares
  • Blanket
  • Boots
  • Radio

Although winter seems to be approaching faster than ever, don’t let it catch you off guard! By following these tips, you can prepare your car for safe driving all winter long.

Do you have additional tips for getting vehicles ready for the winter? Please share in the comments below!