Eat Your Greens: September Is Fruits And Vegetables Month

For the majority of Americans, we don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Fruits & Veggies More Matters is an organization dedicated to educating families about the benefits of eating more vegetables and fruits in their diet. They recommend that at least half of your plate at every meal consist of fruits and vegetables, yet many of us neglect the most important aspect of our diet. September is Fruit and Veggies Month; here are our top reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables:

  • Lower in calories. A plate of fruits and vegetables has drastically fewer calories than the equivalent of another type of food (like meat, grains, and fats). Not only will this help you feel fuller faster, you will be eating a nutrient rich food that will keep you up and moving around.
  • Nutritional value. Speaking of nutrients, fruits and vegetables have a ton of vitamins and minerals that you can’t get from other foods. Ensuring that you are getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals is key to keeping you and your growing family, healthy well into the future.
  • Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which keeps your digestive system happy. Fiber is vital in our diet, eating more fruits and veggies will ensure everything is running in perfect order.
  • Reduce risk of disease. Eating a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables in your diet will ensure that your body is healthier overall. Though it’s not a replacement when it comes to going to the doctor for your annual check ups or more serious illnesses, people who eat higher amounts of fruits and vegetables report lower rates of heart disease, seasonal illnesses, and many types of cancer than those not eating enough. Fruits and veggies keep your body strong.
  • They are delicious. Fresh fruits and veggies are yummy, especially when they are fresh. Take your family to a local farmer’s market to get some of the freshest most delicious samples. Or try growing some vegetables in your garden at home. Not only is this a great educational tool for your children but also it will ensure that you have quick and easy access to delicious, healthy and fresh food right at home.

From a young age we are taught that eating our fruits and veggies will make sure that we grow up big and strong. Yet for whatever reason, the majority of Americans fails to meet the necessary requirements for a healthy diet. By introducing more fruits and veggies into our diet we will ensure a happier and healthier life for our family. What are your favorite fruits and veggies? Let us know below!


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